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Harley Cross Bones

Thank God There's Harleys...   So, let's show them!

On these pages we wish to gather a collection of photographs of your Harley Cross Bones motorcycles, with or without modifications.

Photo of 2009 Cross Bones FLSTSB Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycle.

Cross Bones Bobber?

The Cross Bones can probably be seen as the Motor Company's gesture to the ever growing popularity of Oldschool style motorcycles. However, a Bobber is built in a shed and not in a factory. So, a Cross Bones bike straight from the showroom is not a Bobber.

Click to view this Cross Bones Bobber by HD Wrench! Sorry, we don't mean to upset anybody here, but in our opinion a Bobber is a motorcycle of which all parts and components that do not contribute to speed or performance have been stripped.

So, sorry, but a stock bike straight from the factory - with all ballast still on it - does not qualify as a Bobber.

However, everybody knows that customized versions of the Harley Cross Bones will be just a matter of time. It will be interesting to watch how modifications to the Cross Bones will develop over the next couple of years, both by the owners and by the factory!

Something Wrong?

Since we started to show Harley Cross Bones motorcycles on this fansite we have received quite a few messages from visitors whose opinions could not exactly be construed as a compliment to the styling department of the Harley Davidson Motor Company...

We've heard some good news too, like from Lou from Belgium who bought a new Cross Bones straight away after he had wrecked his first one.

From our own perspective, we think the word "Cross" in Cross Bones was intended to be taken literally. The styling of the bike is a cross between 1940's Bobber and 1960's Chopper.

A 1940's style springer fork is combined with a 1960's style duck tail rear fender. To complicate styling matters even more, an apehanger is thrown in.

On top of all that styling confusion, a few concessions were made to the Bobber principle. Like the little front fender. Or that frame cover plate underneath the saddle that we have never ever seen on any Flathead, Knucklehead or Panhead. These concessions may have to do with safety, or with comfort, or with making the bike appeal more to the general public, who knows.

What we do know is that these styling "flaws" can be corrected quite easily, and that the result can be a beautiful Softail Bobber!

Things to Come...

Predictions? Well, the first thing to go will probably be that little front fender... The Harley Davidson Motor Company probably had to put it there in order to comply with some law or regulation, but let's face the simple truth: a real Bobber does NOT have a front fender because a front fender does not contribute to speed.

Other things to go? How about that fat big duck tail rear fender? Talking about ballast! Don't be surprised to soon see versions with a smaller and much more elegant rear fender mounted directly on the Softail swing arm. Like for example on the Bobbers by Lou or Hellraiser, leaving the classic lines of the hardtail frame motorcycle image intact, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness of Harley's smart Softail frame design.

Harley Cross Bones by HD Wrench

Riders making modifications to their Harley Cross Bones motorcycles was only a matter of time...

Photo of 2008 Cross Bones Harley Davidson FLSTSB Softail Motorcycle by HD Wrench.

HD Wrench from Wichita Falls, Texas did some modifications to his 2008 Cross Bones that make her look a lot prettier! (photo December 2009)

Click HERE to discover how to turn a stock Cross Bones into a Cross Bones Bobber!

Harley Cross Bones by Lou

Photo of 2008 Harley Cross Bones by Lou from Belgium.

The first photograph of the Harley Davidson Cross Bones ever featured on our pages is by Lou from Belgium. This August 2008 photo shows Lou's Cross Bones in matte dark blue, no modifications.

Lou was very satisfied with his first, so he bought a new one in 2009. Click HERE to read more about more recent developments around Lou's second Cross Bones!

Who's next?     ( Email: info at fathead-bobbers dot com )